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“...Blair uses his knowledge of body mechanics to treat with an Osteopathic approach"

Blair Bartlett


Blair has worked in the health industry since 2001. His experience includes personal training, rehab training, massage therapy and manual osteopathic therapy.  Along with his studies in neuroscience at Dalhousie, he has also worked in research for cardiac rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s, and rehabilitation exercise. 


He was Valedictorian of his massage program at Canadian Collage of Massage and Hydrotherapy and has completed his 5 years of manual osteopathic studies through the Canadian Collage of Osteopathy in Halifax.   


Blair became interested in the health industry from his own history of back injury and chronic pain.  Going through the healing/rehab process himself, he has learned the importance of evaluating at each individual and developing a treatment plan specific to their recovery path. He uses his knowledge of body mechanics to treat with an osteopathic approach to address the true root of an issue. 


Blair specializes in treatment of chronic pain, concussions, headaches/migraines, digestive issues, trauma injuries, pregnancy, children, people with special needs and medical mysteries.   Blair has specific interest with infertility and looking at root issues of visceral mobility which can inhibit the function of the reproductive systems.  He looks forward to continuing to learn and develop his knowledge of the complexity that is the human body to continue to help more people. 

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