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“Rob brings intimate knowledge of the running shoe industry to his practice”

Rob Chisholm, C.Ped.C.

Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Rob Chisholm has been practicing Pedorthics in HRM for almost twenty years. One of the most experienced Certified Canadian Pedorthists on the east coast, Rob has spent the majority of this time some 17 years in Dartmouth, moving his practice from just up the street at 121 Ilsley after nine years in 2015. Rob is very excited to be back in the park working with an excellent team of professionals at Symmetry Wellness.

For those of you who may not know what a Certified Canadian Pedorthist is, they could perhaps in easiest terms be described as gait assessment, lower limb/foot function and true custom orthotic specialists. They are a very unique talented specialty group and they are the people to see in the country for lower limb function and pain assessment where custom orthotics may or may not be indicated. Rob’s education, prior to C Ped C education, includes a BSc, two years specialty work in biomechanics and exercise physiology and a Masters Degree in another field.

Rob has been an avid runner and triathlete for many years and brings robust and intimate knowledge of the running shoe industry to his practice. In Burnside Rob has spent much of his time with hard working folks who wear work boots and/or office shoes, who sometimes are wearing both in the same day! Rob very much enjoys offering no-fee lower limb and foot function consults and can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time! Rob welcomes new patients and old to Symmetry Wellness. Please watch out for coming soon.

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