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“...hands-on therapy is effective for the treatment of pain and dysfunction”

Wayland Porter


Wayland Porter has been a practicing physiotherapist since 2004. He is originally from Halifax, graduating from the physiotherapy program at Dalhousie Universtiy following the completion of his biology degree at Saint Mary’s University. Wayland currently lives in Lower Sackville with his wife Cheryl, and their husky Mischa. He enjoys woodworking, golfing, and travelling in his spare time.

Wayland believes that hands on therapy, in conjunction with meticulous continuing assessment and reassessment, is the most effective basis for the treatment of orthopaedic pain and dysfunction. Science hasn’t, to date, been able to create an instrument as sensitive and versatile as a person’s hands. When properly trained, and continuously applied with a scientific approach in mind, hands-on therapy can accomplish amazing things!

Wayland’s beliefs have led him to training in a wide range of hands on therapeutic approaches, some of which include: Spinal and peripheral joint mobilization and manipulation, osteopathic manipulation of the peripheral nervous system, neuromyofascial release therapy, active release therapy, general osteopathic techniques, myofascial release therapy, Mulligan mobilization, deep transverse fractioning, and cupping therapy.

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