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Sara-Lee Whitman, LPN

Foot Care Nurse

Not everyone is cut out to work in the world of “FEET”! It takes a special individual with a keen appreciation for the architectural marvel that transports us from point A to B every single day.

Sara Lee Whitman is just that individual.

She is a nurturer. Her mom says that even at a young age she was always caring for others. This natural inclination made becoming a LPN an easy career choice. For over 20 plus years Sara Lee has worked in the health care industry; on the front lines in long-term care facilities, Family and Children Services to a Home Health nurse for a retail pharmacy for a number of years.  It was during this last position that Sara Lee realized the need and importance for overall advancement in education for foot and leg health for ALL AGES.

Having a young family and wanting to be accessible to her two boys, Sara Lee made the decision to start her own company. In making this choice she has the ability to share her knowledge and expertise towards helping people in Nova Scotia realize the importance of their legs and feet and to really take the time to think about the incredible engineering that goes into how they work.

Sara Lee’s education and training allows her to offer blood pressure, diabetic, and A1C clinics; measure clients for compression stockings, sleeves, and gloves; knowledge of Aides for Daily Living; as well she is trained in basic, advanced, and Diabetic foot care, and has devoted the past six years as a foot care nurse advancing her education and training.

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